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About I-TAP
Taking Electrical Training to the Future

Unlike other training programs, I-TAP is solely devoted to training. We provide the highest quality training for all facets of the electrical industry, apprenticeship, trainee, continuing education for journeymen, foreman training and management classes.

Over the years, I-TAP has assembled a list of team members who exhibit a similar commitment to apprenticeship and training. All staff exemplify the importance of properly training employees. Collectively, our staff has completed eight apprenticeship programs and over 210 years of experience in the construction industry as apprentices, foremen, project managers, and owners.

It is I-TAP's philosophy that the connection between labor and management represents the perfect symbiotic relationship. The success of one is dependent upon the success of the other. The Goal has always been to foster a healthy industry by meeting the educational needs of both labor and management.

At I-TAP we are committed to the idea that labs are an extremely valuable part of the learning experience. That's why I-TAP has invested in State of the Art labs that are fully integrated into the classroom experience. We spend more time in labs than any other program.


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