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Meet the I-TAP Staff

Norm Nutter, Chairman

Norm Nutter

Norm Nutter has owned Harold E. Nutter & Son, Inc., Electrical contractors and Engineers since 1979. Nutter Electric has supported apprenticeship since it opened it's doors in 1970. Norm has actively endorsed the promotion of apprenticeship and training at the state and federal level, both politically and administratively. He helped write the National Pattern Standards for the IEC National. During his involvement with the local chapter of the IEC, he and George Moton successfully grew the apprenticeship program from 35 apprentices training in one location, to 850 apprentices training in nine locations statewide, in just under five years. Under their leadership, the program was named IEC's "Program of the Year" for three consecutive years. Norm Nutter is the chairman of I-TAP's Apprenticeship Training Committee. It is Norm's goal to promote industry growth by expanding I-TAP to 1,000 apprentices, working for 100 contractors, studying at schools state-wide, within five years.


Carolyn Nutter, Training Director

Carolyn Nutter

Carolyn Nutter attending San Diego State University as a Electrical Engineering student before moving back to Sacramento to start I-TAP with Norman Nutter. She currently serves as the Apprentice and Trainee Coordinator for I-TAP, representing I-TAP to the California Apprenticeship Council (CAC), Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS), Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT). Additionally, she coordinates the day to day administration of our program.


Carl Martinez, Chief Instructor

Carl Martinez

Carl Martinez has over 37 years experience in the electrical trade. He has completed the National Association of Independent Unions four-year apprenticeship program. After finishing his apprenticeship, he went to work for Royal Electrical, where he worked on a large variety of projects, including work on a Space Launch Facility. He has also trained on infrared and ultrasound technology. For the past ten years, he has worked with the apprenticeship program of the Sacramento Chapter of the IEC as a curriculum coordinator and chief instructor. He has also been awarded a Subject Matter Expert Certificate by the State of California for his work in the electrical field. Carl was part of the team that wrote the Journeyman Certification Exam for the State of California. At I-TAP, Carl is working closely with Mr. Bob Hogan to develop the curriculum for all five years of the Commercial Electrician Apprenticeship Program. As an instructor, Carl feels it is his duty to pass down to apprentices the skills needed to perform their job with the knowledge and confidence required of a craftsman. Carl loves teaching, and is committed to the development of the industry by training the journeypersons of the future.


Kyle Kirk, Instructor



Gerald Soria, Instructor