I-TAP: Independent Training & Apprenticeship Program



















"To Carl and the I-Tap Organization,

Your organization has made the Apprentice Training and Certification process easy to manage, and so unimposing to our trainees, that we know there is no better way to get this job done. Your assistance to our payroll department with our Certified Payroll setups has given us confidence that we are meeting every requirement, and let's us focus on the work at hand, without the expectation of being haunted by an inadvertent mistake in the past. We will continue to use I-Tap for all our electrician training needs.

I-Tap – it's easy, inexpensive, and effective. What else could we want?

Thank you."

— James A. Fuller
Director of Business Operations
Cevista, Inc.



"We at Integrity Electric appreciate the apprenticeship program at I-Tap. They are very good at training our electrical apprentices.

They do come back with adequate knowledge of the trade. It is well worth the price of the program. Financially we benefit from the program, by being able to send our guys out and have them perform at a professional level.

We thank everyone involved in the program and the men have only good things to say."

— Vickie Zamora
Office Manager
Integrity Electric