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Math Review

Applicants must be 18 years of age and have graduated high school or completed a GED program. Applicants must be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program without posing a direct threat to the health and safety of the individual or others.  The first step in applying to the apprenticeship program is to request an application. (See "Apply Now" button at bottom of page.) An application packet will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days. The application must be returned to I-TAP completely filled out, including an original copy of your high school transcripts or certification of completion of GED, a DMV printout, and documents which fulfill the I-9 requirements. (i.e. driver’s license and social security card).  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Once you have submitted a complete application, you will be contacted to schedule a math test. The math test covers basic algebra and geometry. Sample problems can be found on this website. You must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly. Applicants who fail the math test will be given a second opportunity to take the test, and are strongly encouraged to attend the math review session offered by I-TAP. Applicants who pass the math test will be given the Ishihara test for colorblindness. Applicants must pass the colorblindness test.

Applicants who pass both the math and colorblindness tests will be scheduled for an interview. You must receive a score of 70 or better in the interview. Applicants who pass the interview will be placed on the qualified applicant list. Applicants are ranked on the qualified applicant list according to their interview score. When a job become available for them, they will be indentured and dispatched. 

Indenturing is the final step in the application process. The applicant will be read the rules and regulations of the apprenticeship program, and will sign the apprenticeship agreement. This is an agreement between I-TAP, the apprentice, and the federal Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training (BAT). Applicants will also be required to take and pass a drug test.

If apprentices have previous experience in their trade, they may request advanced placement within the program by submitting sufficient documentation to I-TAP within 90 days of their indenturement. Such documentation may include: records of training received in other apprenticeship programs, experience and training received in the field, or a recommendation from a supervisor. Apprentices seeking advanced placement may be required to take and pass the exams of the years they wish to skip.


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Math Requirement documents:

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