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Trainee Tuition

Each Trainee is responsible for their tuition payment. At I-TAP, making a payment is easy. Trainee Tuition Payments can be paid three different ways: yearly payment, semester payments or monthly payments.

No matter the option, the first payment a trainee makes is due at the time of the signing of the training contract. Once a trainee has chosen a payment option, it cannot be changed for the duration of the year.

If a trainee chooses to pay one lump sum per year, the payment will be made when the trainee signs the training contract and every yearly anniversary of the contract signature thereafter.

Some trainees will choose to pay one lump sum per semester and total two payments per year. The first semester payment will be paid when the trainee signs the training contract and again every six months thereafter.

The final option for tuition payments is monthly payments, which totals twelve payments per year. The first month's payment will be paid when the trainee signs the training contract. All subsequent payments will be due to I-TAP by the first of the month. Trainees will not receive a monthly invoice; it is the trainee's responsibility to make timely payments. If no payment is received by the 7th of the month, a notice of delinquency will be mailed and a 12 percent finance charge will be added.

In the unfortunate instance that a trainee does not successfully pass a semester he/she will be required to pay for the semester again prior to being rescheduled for class.


Yearly Costs:


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Apprentice Tuition


Apprentice tuition is done differently. Instead of tuition being the apprentice’s responsibility, it is paid by the apprentice’s contractor. An hourly rate is applied to the hours worked by each apprentice. These payments are made by the contractor monthly. For more information, please contact Carolyn Nutter at (916) 332-3332 ext. 210 or cnutter@i-tap.com.