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What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a time proven method of training craftspeople that integrates on-the-job training with classroom instruction. Apprentices earn while they learn. At I-TAP, apprentices receive most of their training on the jobsite, working under the supervision of skilled journeypersons. But, for two weeks per semester, apprentices leave the field and move into the classroom, where they study theory and code.

Classes are held during the day for five days per week. This schedule means that apprentices do not have to work a full day in the field, and then come to class after work, sacrificing their family and social lives, as with traditional programs. In I-TAP’s program, there are no evening classes, which means the apprentices are not exhausted from working a full day before coming to class, and they still have their evenings free.


I-TAP Training Meets State and Federal Requirements

Apprenticeship programs are 3-5 years in length, depending on the trade. By federal law, apprentices are required to complete 144 hours of classroom instruction each year. In the I-TAP program, apprentices receive 160 hours of classroom instruction per year. Those in the Electrical apprenticeship programs will take the Electrical Journeyperson Certification Exam in the final year of the program, which I-TAP guarantees they will pass. Upon graduation, all apprentices become journeypersons in their trade.


Highest of Standards

Classes are interactive; incorporating lecture, group study, and lab. In class, apprentices will study theory and code to give them a better understanding of the work they do in the field. I-TAP highly values lab work as a way to give students a chance to apply what they have learned in a real-world situation. The importance placed on lab work is why I-TAP has chosen to integrate its lab and classroom facilities, instead of sharing labs with other classes, as is the format for most other programs. In this fashion, I-TAP maximizes our apprentices opportunity to participate in lab based learning. I-TAP has built a lab facility which closely mirrors situations apprentices will see in the field, and students will spend between 25-35% of each semester doing hands-on labwork.


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