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What is a Trainee?

California Labor Code section 3099 requires that all electricians working for a C-10 licensed contractor be certified by the State of California as journeymen, or be registered in a state approved apprenticeship program, or be registered in a federally approved apprenticeship program (I-TAP), or be registered with the State of California as an electrician trainee and be enrolled in a state approved trainee program (I-TAP). This means that it is no longer possible to simply go get a job as an electrician, to see if you like it, or as a career choice, unless you fall into one of these three categories - journeyman, apprentice or trainee. So what is the difference between apprentices and trainees?

Trainees receive the same learning experience as apprentices. I-TAP trainees are treated the same as apprentices. They sit in the same classroom, side by side, participating in the same projects and learning from the same great instruction.

Trainees now have options for the class schedule. Trainees can receive the complete 5 year education in just 6 months. In just 6 short months Trainees can take the California certication exam and be on their way to working as a journeyman electrician.

If you are looking to enter a career in the electrical construction field, then I-TAP's Trainee Program offers everyone a quality, compliant and flexible training to get them started.


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